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I'm Val, your personal coach dedicated to helping you excel in your sport and achieve the recognition and success you deserve. As an athlete myself, I understand the drive and passion that fuels your ambitions. I've been in your shoes, chasing my dreams on the court for over two decades.


That experience has given me invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs you face as a high-achieving athlete. With a background in psychology and extensive training in leadership and performance coaching, I have the tools to guide you towards your personal and professional goals.  Through my journey, I've learned that mental toughness and unwavering self-belief are the keys to unlocking your full potential.

I've experienced firsthand the transformation that occurs when you develop the right mindset and harness your individual power. That's why I'm so passionate about helping athletes like you play better, gain respect in your sport, and become valuable assets to your team. 

When it comes to retirement, I will guide you through the transition, providing support, creating a plan and stepping into a new identity outside of the sport. 

With my guidance, you'll build unshakable confidence, excel in your sport, and consistently deliver outstanding performances. Together, we'll create a winning strategy tailored to your unique goals and aspirations. I'll be there every step of the way, providing unwavering support, motivation, and accountability.

Don’t settle for average. Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Sign up for a free call today, and let's discuss how I can help you unleash your greatness and become the athlete you were destined to be. 

Education & Experience:

BA in Psychology [Rice University, 2008] 

MA in I/O Psychology [Touro University Worldwide, 2020]

Professional Life Coach Training [iPec, 2014, ICF accredited] 

Leadership & Performance Specialist [iPec, 2022, ICF accredited] 

Professional Athlete 2008-2022

- WNBA Draftee 2008

- Euroleague/Eurocup Experience

- Ukrainian National Team

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