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Typically, individual sessions are tailored to your present moment needs, laying out the path forward as we go. Those interested in taking a part of a more comprehensive program can check out COR.E Dynamics, which is the blueprint I use with my athletes. Even though I use the word "performance" throughout, this isn't exclusive to a sport. Performance is simply the way you show up. You could be showing up as an athlete, as an entrepreneur, as a friend and every other role that you play in life - including showing up FOR yourself. This program is transformational regardless of the 'why', because it taps into who your CORE, from which all decisions and performances flow. 


This program will help you create high levels of energy in the moment and long-term. It helps you identify the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social and environmental factors that influence your energy. Regardless of how well trained you are, you are subjected to inner and outer elements that can help or hinder your energy levels. These are the COR.E Influencers, and by understanding them and then knowing how to handle them, you'll have a huge advantage, not only over opponents, but over your prior self.


You'll develop action plans and intervention strategies to create your ideal energetic state.


Additionally, you will become aware of how you think, feel, and act, so that you can break through any limiting thoughts and undesired reactions. You'll develop a life philosophy and 'way of being', based on 10 COR.E Disciplines, that lead to high energy potential and performance. Be it in practice, play, competition, of life in general, the disciplines are a foundation for living and performance that create a powerful state of awareness and a positive attitude. This keeps you engaged in what you are doing, and brings you a continual level of enjoyment and satisfaction, along with the key ingredients for peak performance.


Together, these factors set the stage for accomplishing exponentially greater results while expending less effort. Practice all the ingredients, and the process leads to becoming a master in sports and in life. 

What is a master? It’s someone who lives by a unique process and has the desire to continually, learn, grow, and develop into the best they can be. COR.E Dynamics examines who you ideally want to be, how you want to play, and what you want from your life and career. Then the program helps you devise a plan to achieve that goal. You can take this program to all areas of life. COR.E Dynamics provides a roadmap to mastery; with that roadmap, you can decide in what direction you’d like to go. 

The 5 Components of COR.E Performance Dynamics 



Most athletes are looking for something more out of their performance or life, but they are unclear of exactly what it is. Without clarity and complete vision, you can struggle to reach the level of satisfaction you’re looking for – and even if you reach your goal, you may still feel like something is missing. Any of this can lead to uncertainty, lack of confidence in decision-making, lack of fulfillment and enjoyment, and feeling constantly bored or consistently in search of something.



When it comes to high performance, athletes are simply unaware of why they perform well one day and poorly the next. It's rarely, if ever, the skill level that changes from day to day or even moment to moment; it's the athlete’s energy that is constantly changing. These up and downs often create a love/hate relationship with their sport that leads to joys and disappointments. By understanding the nature of the energy of performance, an athlete can take steps to proactively create consistent experiences, as well as make quick adjustments in the moment when things go sour.



This amazing component helps you understand how to solve issues – on and off the court/field in real time.  Waiting to make adjustments after your game is for long-term progress – and of course that is very important.  You also need to know what to do in the moment so you can rethink, and retry on the fly.

COR.E Dynamics helps you understand how to boost your energy and performance as you’re playing. This dramatically improves the repeatability and consistency of your performance. In your daily life, this helps identify which factors around you influence you the most and what to do about them.



Where do distractions, lack of motivation or confidence, sabotaging self-talk, and other hexes come from? The world’s greatest athletes get their calm, cool swagger from a frame of mind, perspective, or attitude that unleashes their full potential.  They have developed an approach to their game and life that keeps their motivation high, their resiliency strong, and their ability to spot opportunities to excel sharp. This component reveals the 10 COR.E Disciplines that are instrumental to bringing out your ideal state.



One of the key elements to understand AND embrace: what worked yesterday may not work today, nor should it.  You need to know how to evolve as you and your game are forever evolving. Understanding what is and is not working in your game can be complex.  Is it what it appears to be on the surface or is it something else that you’re overcompensating for?  This is where real optimization comes from – knowing truly what’s at the core of your performance level and knowing how to mold, shape, and evolve it, proactively and intentionally, over time.

It takes ONE thing to change everything! Book a Free Demo Session to get started.  

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